Beaded Turquoise Navajo Rug Hat Band

1/2 Inch Hatbands

$ 200.00 

Beaded Hat Band In A Classic Navajo Rug Pattern with the colors of green turquoise and shades of metallic purples by LJ Greywolf

This Beaded Hat Band with a classic Navajo Rug design is beaded with beautiful Southwestern colors. The 6 beautiful shades of metallic purple pops out of the turquoise back drop of this intricate beaded hat band . This hat band is not just jewelry for your hat but a work of art that will turn many heads when you wear it!

This beaded hat band is made up of tiny glass beads that measure about 1 mm each. Using such a small bead allows me to get a large amount of detail in such a small amount of area.

Each end of the beaded hat band is hand sewn to black deerskin and ties in the back with a black deerskin cord decorated with glass crow beads matching the beadwork. The hat band measures 21 3/4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

I'm sure you will enjoy wearing and showing off this beautiful hat band.

This beaded hat band will make a very special gift for that someone special in your life. Each beaded hat band is shipped to you in an attractive gift box and with a certificate of Authenticity.

Thank you for looking at my beaded jewelry.

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