Southwestern Old Pawn Beaded Bracelet

5/8 Inch Cuff Bracelet

$ 75.00 

I call this bracelet "OLD PAWN" because I designed the bracelet to resemble old pawn jewelry that you will find in the Southwest. Old pawn is the most highly collectible American Indian jewelry. The term "old pawn" refers to an item that was pawned for cash but has never been redeemed, this is common in the Southwest, and often referring to American Indian jewelry.

This Beaded Cuff Bracelet With my "Old Pawn" Pattern in the common Southwestern American Indian jewelry colors of flat silvers with blue/green turquoise accents.

The base used for this bracelet is copper wrapped in a soft white buckskin. Glass seed beads are then sewn with patients and care onto the deerskin in this "Old Pawn" pattern. The blue/green turquoise pops out of the many shades of silvers on this Southwestern bracelet.

This bracelet measures approximately 5/8 inches wide and will fit wrists size of 6, 7 and 8 inches. The copper band used for the base for this bracelet is adjustable by simply bending the bracelet around your wrist.

I enjoyed creating the bead work on this piece of finely detailed jewelry. This bracelet is signed and comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Thank you for looking at my beaded jewelry.

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