Flame Feather Beaded Leather Hair Wrap

Hair Wraps

$ 100.00 


Beaded Leather Hair Wrap With A Blue Flame and Feather Pattern In Motorcycle Colors of Orange, Flat Black and Blue Fire Colors by LJ Greywolf

This finely detailed beaded Hair Wrap is the perfect gift for anyone who rides a motorcycle, horseback rides, or just wears there hair in a pony tail!

This beaded hair wrap with a blue flame and feather pattern is made with the blends of sunset orange, flat black and blue fire colors

The hair wrap is made of soft oil tanned black leather (approximately 2 mm thick) with 4 heavy duty snaps. Inside the hair wrap is a metal hook riveted to the leather.

Glass Delica 15/0 seed beads (1 mm each) are then woven with patience and care and carefully sewn onto the leather hair wrap in this classic pattern. Each end of the beaded pattern is "triple stitched and the end strings are then bonded together. This is done to ensure that the beads do not come apart during the years of wearing it.

The bead work measures Approximately 1 1/4" wide and is Approximately 3 3/4" long for a total of 1,725 beads!

This hair wrap measures 4 inches long and custom orders for longer hair wraps are available.

How to wear your hair wrap:

Simply put your hair up in a regular elastic pony tail holder. Hook your new hair wrap onto the elastic pony tail holder with the hook located inside the hair wrap, then wrap the leather hair wrap around your pony tail and snap, and wait for the complements on your beautiful beaded hair wrap!

I enjoyed creating the bead work on this piece of finely detailed jewelry.

This hair wrap is signed and comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Thank you for looking at my beaded jewelry.