Feathers And Flames Sunset Orange Beaded Leather Cuff Bracelet

1 Inch Leather Bracelet

$ 100.00 


Beaded Leather Bracelet With A Feathers And Blue Flames Pattern On A Sunset Orange Background.

This beaded bracelet with the Feathers And Blue Flame Diamond pattern is made with the blends of blue fire colors along with a Sunset Orange background. The blues that are used in this bracelet give off a hologram effect shimmering from light to dark blue.

The bracelet is a leather band with a heavy duty snap. The Leather Band is vegetable tanned, condition and stained with your choice of leather stain.

Antique Dark Brown
Antique Mahogany
Antique Saddle
Antique Turquoise

Glass Delica 15/0 seed beads (1 mm each) are then woven with patience and care and carefully sewn by hand onto the leather band in this original pattern.

The bead work measures 1 inches wide and is a stunning 4" long for a total of 1,679 beads!

This bracelet measures 1 1/4 inches wide and is available in several lengths of your choice. (6 inches through 9 inches)

Not sure what size to order?

Simply take a strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist so it is comfortable. Mark it and then measure the paper between the marks. That is your size.

The bead colors used in the making of this leather cuff bracelet are:

Black Glass Beads
White Glass Beads
Montana Blue Glass Beads
Cobalt Blue Glass Beads
Turquoise Blue Glass Beads
Blue Crystal Sea Glass Beads
Dark Red Glass Beads
Mandarin Orange Glass Beads
Canary Glass Beads
Sunset Orange Glass Beads

I enjoyed creating the bead work on this piece of finely detailed jewelry.

This bracelet is stamped with my makers mark and comes with a certificate of Authenticity.