Cherokee Beaded Rustic Eye of the Medicine Man Hat Band

1/2 Inch Hatbands

$ 200.00 

"Rustic Eye of the Medicine Man Hat Band"

Native American Beaded Hat Band In The Eye of the Medicine Man pattern with the Antique Shades of Gray, Copper And Black by LJ Greywolf

The meaning of the Eye of a Medicine Man is a very powerful symbol. The outer lines of the symbol represents the four corners of the Universe - North, South, East and West of the physical world. The inner lines represent the Spirit world, which the Medicine Man had knowledge of. The center circle represents the Eye of the Medicine Man and his spiritual vision.

This Native American Beaded Hat Band with the Eye of a Medicine Man symbol is beaded with beautiful Southwestern colors.The Antique Shades of gray, copper, black, cream and white blend beautifully in this intricate beaded hat band. This hat band is not just jewelry for your hat but a work of art that will turn many heads when you wear it!

This beaded hat band is made up of tiny glass beads that measure about 1 mm each. Using such a small bead allows me to get a large amount of detail in such a small amount of area.

Each end of the beaded hat band is hand sewn to antiqued mahogany stained leather and ties in the back with a antiqued mahogany hand braided leather cord decorated with a sterling silver slider bead. The sterling slider bead is made by hand. I cut, shape, and polish each sterling bead by hand. Each end of the leather braid is a sterling silver tip with a horse hair tassel that I also make by hand. I cut and polish each sterling silver tip and insert horse hair into each end. I have beaded a finished edge across the top and bottom of the hat band, Within this finished edge I used a beaded thread that has 10 pounds of tensile strength. The hat band measures approximately 22 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

I'm sure you will enjoy wearing and showing off this beautiful American Indian hat band.

This beaded hat band will make a very special gift for that someone special in your life. Each beaded hat band is shipped to you in an attractive gift box and with a certificate of Authenticity.

Thank you for looking at my Cherokee beaded jewelry.