Heavy Sterling Silver Ring With A Sleeping Beauty Blue Turquoise Nugget


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A women's heavy sterling silver ring with a natural Sleeping Beauty blue turquoise nugget embellished with sterling silver leaves hand made by LJ Greywolf. 

The Nugget:

100% natural sleeping beauty turquoise. (NOT Stabilized) The natural turquoise nugget measures 21 mm X 18 mm X 7 mm. The stone was sanded, shaped and polished by hand.
This stone has a beautiful matrix associated with the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. 
The turquoise is 100% natural. This has not been stabilized or dyed or treated in any way.

The Ring:

The ring is sterling silver and embellished with sterling silver leaves giving this ring a one of a kind unique look. It is stamp on the back with my makers mark as well as 925. 
The ring size is 7 

Thank You for looking at my made jewelry.