LJ Greywolf, Artist From The Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma

My name is Shawn Carter and my artist name is LJ Greywolf. I was taught the art of beading as a young man by my grandmother on the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.

In the 70's, I started making beaded hat bands, belts and of course the popular head bands of the day and sold them to visiting tourist. As I grew In the past 35 years of beading, I have picked up many techniques to bead work including pictorial bead work.

I hit a peak of popularity in the early 90's when I toured the country doing shows, and selling to galleries. Some of my work is in the Trail of Tears museum in Kentucky. I also picked up the skill of carving stone and bone and painting with oils.

Now days, I live in the sunny state of Arizona with my wife and kids and create my beaded jewelry.

I hope you enjoy my artwork.
LJ Greywolf