Chief Joseph 1903 Portrait Beaded Deerskin Bag


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This bead work is a one of a kind. I have beaded a portrait of the Native American legend Chief Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, also known as "Chief Joseph" on a soft deerskin medicine bag. Each tiny glass bead was carefully placed to catch the color of the 1903 era of this Great American Indian Leader. The photograph used for this beaded portrait was taken in 1903 by F.T. Cummins

The edges of the buckskin is stained to bring out the artwork and give the medicine bag a vintage look. Surrounding the beaded portrait is a herringbone stitch of a darker stained deerskin.

Fringe was then individually tied and twisted in place and decorated with French glass Crow beads, solid brass beads and rustic buffalo bone beads followed by a brass cone bead. Two hand cut deer antler buttons adorn each side of the beadwork along with hand painted feathers. The button used for the flap is hand carved pipestone with a carved broken arrow in the center. All the cutting of the antler, carving of the pipestone and painting of the feathers is done by LJ Greywolf.

The beaded bag measures 9 " long and 8" wide with an additional 12" of Fringe hanging down from the bottom of the bag.

This beaded bag was made to last and use. A perfect bag to put your possibles in to take to the pow wow or mountain man rendezvous.

This piece of artwork is signed LJ Greywolf and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Hundreds of hours and thousands of tiny glass seed beads went into this Native American portrait of the man who said "I will fight no more forever".

Thank you for looking at my artwork..